It all started with a dream...Repeating dreams as a matter of fact.  Steve wanted to play music with The Beatles but never could reach them.  They're all alive even though we lost two members, but the opportunity kept appearing as he slept.  Finally he wanted to create the music in a non-stop format and play as many songs as possible in a 4 hour segment.  

From that...Steve created this wonderful group of musicians as the bands Keyboardist/Vocalist.

So much passion in this music and so little time to share it with everyone.

As the bands graphic designer,  you can always look forward to seeing colorful artwork for each concert or promotion.

Peace & Love.

Go US Navy!

Beatles Tribute Band
Beatles Tribute Band

Steve Bowder / Keys / Vocals

Beatles Tribute Band

Can you say Beatle band Omaha? or, Omaha Beatle Band, how about Beatles Band Omaha, or Omaha Beatles Band, or Beatle band...It's easier to say: COME TOGETHER in stead of just another Beatles Tribute Bands